Guest Artists

Rick Zelinsky and his Saxophone

Mark Walker

Drum Set, 2023

Rick Zelinsky and his Saxophone

Jay Thomas

Trumpet, 2019

Rick Zelinsky and his Saxophone

Amina Figarova

Piano & Composition, 2018

Rick Zelinsky and his Saxophone

Bart Platteau

Flute, 2018

Rick Zelinsky and his Saxophone

Rick Zelinsky

Saxophone, Clarinet, 2017

Kristin Korb holding her upright bass.

Kristin Korb

Bass & Vocals, 2016

Yngvil Vatn Guttu holding her trumpet.

Yngvil Vatn Guttu

Jazz Trumpet, 2017, 2015

Karen Strid-Chadwick

Karen Strid-Chadwick

Jazz Piano, 2015

Jovino Santos leaning up against an old building, with friendly smile.

Jovino Santos

Brazilian/Jazz Piano, 2014, 2007

Mike Doolin with his guitar.

Mike Doolin

Jazz Guitar, 2013

Denis DiBlasio with one of his saxophones.

Denis DiBlasio

Baritone Saxophone & Flute, 2012, 2005, 2003

Rebeca Mauleon playing piano in live concert.

Rebeca Mauleon

Latin Jazz Piano, 2010

Vince Cherico seated behind his drum set.

Vince Cherico

Latin Drumset & Percussion, 2009

Jason Goldman with his saxophone.

Jason Goldman

Saxophone, 2009

Michael Davis playing his trombone in live concert.

Michael Davis

Trombone, 2008, 2004

Joshua Davis with his upright bass.

Joshua Davis

Bass, 2008

Jon Goforth with his saxophone.

Jon Goforth

Saxophone, 2007

Carl Saunders playing his trumpet in concert.

Carl Saunders

Trumpet, 2006

Mimi Fox holding her guitar.

Mimi Fox

Jazz Guitar, 2006

Oscar Stagnaro studio shot of him playing his electric bass.

Oscar Stagnaro

Bass, 2005

Allison Miller eyes closed, in dreamy way, holding percussion mallets.

Allison Miller

Percussion, 2004

Bobby Shew playing trumpet in concert.

Bobby Shew

Trumpet, 2002

Nadine Shanti adding her vocals in concert.

Nadine Shanti

Vocals, 2002

Barney McClure sitting at his piano.

Barney McClure

Piano, 2001

Jeff Baird playing saxophone in concert.

Jeff Baird

Saxophone, 2001

Paul Lucas with his guitar on stage.

Paul Lucas

Guitar, 2001

Peggy Stern standing next to her piano.

Peggy Stern

Piano, 2000